Be a good because he supports the entire sales process and facilitates the finalization of contracts. Likewise, a sales manager who has spent time with.The marketing department planning strategy and defining content will use. These materials much more effectively in his day-to-day activities than if. He simply scrolld through the index. of the blog once a month. The only way to highlight the strengths of both departments is to create collaboration in concrete activities. Not just organize a meeting a month. But let’s move on to the not-so-secret phrases. That the BdB sales force would like to say to their colleagues in the marketing department.

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These are not complaints or criticisms for their own sake, but kind requests that can help. Everyone understand wedding photo editing service the impact of their activities on the commercial development and overall business of the company. New Call-to-action d. “The less you talk about yourself, the more prospects will want to listen to you. Marketers (they are often influencd by their colleagues in the sales force, it must be said!) have a tendency to think. That the content producd should sell instead of salespeople. It is certainly the final goal, but for contents to obtain results, first in terms of traffic, involvement and interaction, they must not have the product or service offerd at their center, but rather.

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The prospect’s problems that the company aims to solve . The significant transition from product sales to value sales therefore concerns not only the approach of salespeople , but also that of colleagues in the marketing department. The contents, therefore, must be as focusd as possible on the value that collaboration with the company can bring to customers, almost not mentioning, at times, the proposd solution. d. “I should learn to do marketing, while Fax List you should try to sell” Aligning sales and marketing departments is not a very simple activity, it must be said, and the main reason is that salesp.

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