Artificial intelligence (AI) today is not what we thought years ago: the idea of ​​Robo Cop or Terminator- type robots ready to go against humanity. On the contrary, AI has evolved towards a more collaborative and assistive role in society with the emergence of systems designed to improve quality of life and solve complex problems. Although we still face ethical challenges and concerns about the control of AI, experts agree that the current focus should be on using this technology in a way that is responsible and beneficial to humanity. In industry, for example, artificial intelligence represents a world of opportunities to optimize processes, increase productivity and foster innovation.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Industry

In the industrial field, artificial intelligence has left a significant mark through specific applications that range from the automation of complex processes to the optimization of the supply chain through predictive analysis, in addition to other benefits such as: • Reduction of downtime. AI in predictive maintenance allows you to identify patterns and anticipate machinery failures. By anticipating potential Korea Phone Number Data problems, unplanned downtime is significantly reduced. • Savings on maintenance costs. Identifying and addressing problems before they become catastrophic failures reduces the need for costly repairs. Maintenance costs are optimized by carrying out planned and preventive interventions. Extension of the useful life of equipment. Predictive maintenance helps extend the useful life of industrial equipment.

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By Addressing Ai and Big Data to Potential Problems Early

Wear and tear is reduced and asset durability is maximized. • Improvement in the reliability of assets. By preventing unforeseen failures, AI increases the reliability of industrial machinery. Resulting in more consistent production and a lower likelihood of costly outages. Artificial intelligence and big data in other service areas.  The integration of artificial intelligence is not only limited to the industrial field.  But is also Benin Phone Number radically transforming the provision of services in various areas. The combination of AI with big data has enabled deeper and more accurate analysis of large data sets, generating valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. This transformation is reflected in a series of revolutionary changes in the way services are offered and consumed: • Health.

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