Imagine you’re a brand-new customer who has just found their way to a fantastic company website for the first time. You’re probably curious and excited about what you see. But if you aren’t familiar with the site or brand, you’re probably also hesitant to reach for your wallet.

An incredible testimonial page filled with great feedback from consumers just like you could make all the difference when it comes to helping you finalize that purchase, and this is the case for your company’s new visitors as well.

How to Ask for a Client Testimonial

Up to 79 percent of consumers say they’re as likely to trust an online testimonial or review as they are to believe a personal recommendation that comes straight from a friend or acquaintance.

Your current loyal customers are your best brand advocates. So if you’re not already asking them for testimonials, it’s officially time to start. Here are a few tips on how to ask for a testimonial and increase your chance of getting it.

Nail the timing
The best time to ask a customer for a testimonial is soon after they have their first positive experience. For a retail item like a t-shirt or food product, that’s likely Whatsapp Number List right after they receive the item. But for a SaaS service, it might be a month later, when they’re first starting to see results in their bottom line.

Provide an incentive
Your customers are busy people and can’t give their time to everyone who contacts them to ask for something. But you can use incentives to increase the chance that they’ll say yes. You could offer a gift card, discount code, or other rewards to sweeten the pot. However, you may be legally required to disclose the incentive on your website.

Make it easy
The easier you can make it for customers to submit their testimonials, the better. Give them multiple options; video, audio, social media, and written reviews are all terrific choices to offer.

Adding a dedicated page to your website with lots of testimonial examples could give customers a better idea of what you want from them.

What Makes a Good Testimonial

Your clients will need some guidance from you on how to create effective testimonials. Here are some key factors to keep in mind regarding how to write a testimonial that resonates.

  • Authenticity: Great testimonials are genuine and should give readers a unique insight into how a product or service has improved the customer’s life. People connect best with other people and have authentic voices.
  • Specificity: Effective testimonials go beyond vague statements like “great product.” They give details as to what worked well about the product, what the user liked, and so forth. Try asking your customers pointed questions to encourage them to provide these details.
  • Conciseness: Remember, today’s consumers are busy and don’t have time to read through testimonials that Fax List ramble on for multiple paragraphs. Good on-page testimonials are concise, direct, and get to the point using action-focused words that inspire emotion.

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