XDR: the technology that simplifies response to security incidents

All reports confirm it, organizations face a growing number of increasingly complex threats. To successfully address security, successive layers of security solutions are added, making it difficult to manage and respond effectively. The threats are so many that they must be prioritized and, sometimes, companies do not have sufficient analysis capacity. There are too many alerts. The solution to this dynamic that today’s organizations face may lie in the automation of analysis and response. Extended detection and response (XDR) is the beginning of a shift toward bringing together multiple solutions and reducing the complexity that prevents rapid detection and response.

What is XDR

That’s what XDR does, it integrates all the security solutions that the client has, regardless of who the manufacturer is, and provides visibility into what is happening in a simple way. XDR thus protects the business from any attack vector, automatically collecting and correlating information across multiple security layers or platforms, whose integration makes faster threat detection possible and substantially Switzerland Phone Number Data improves investigation and response times through the automation of these processes. XDR is designed to help security teams: Identify highly sophisticated or hidden threats Track threats on various system components Improve detection and response speed Investigate threats more effectively and efficiently.

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How XDR is different XDR: the technology that from

Other security solutions XDR differs from other security tools in that it centralizes, normalizes, and correlates data from multiple sources. The advantages A single solution to detect complex threats. Open architecture, which integrates multiple solutions and providers. See more, detect more Automate the response Ultimately, XDR provides better security. Faster response and better detection: 50% Lower risk and cost Dominican Republic Phone Number of data breach 90%.  Increase in SecOps (security operations) effectiveness 85% reduction in attack times.  XDR in Cisco version Cisco is leading the way to XDR with a comprehensive security portfolio that integrates.  The components to make effective security simple and accessible to all teams, regardless of vendor or vector.