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Works hand in hand with technology manufacturers that have specific strategies to reduce the carbon footprint. This makes it possible for each Ikusi technological solution to incorporate the circular economy throughout the manufacturing process and guarantee lower levels of energy consumption. Through its Trusted Advisor services, Ikusi provides support and guidance to its clients and partners to achieve their sustainability objectives. In this sense, it deploys advice and recommendations to optimize the use of technological resources and transparently measure progress in this area.What is an Executive Dashboard and why does it have a strategic role? Digitalization has opened the doors for companies to access a large amount of data that allows them to target growth. Hence, having an executive dashboard is key to getting the most out of all the information your business provides.

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This amount of information manually, it would be overwhelming and difficult to analyze in a short period of time. This is where the need arises to efficiently organize each detail and keep it in view under a simple to address scheme. Next, we will study the implications of having a strategic dashboard in your company. At the end of this article you will find out how to benefit from this tool. Strategic dashboard: what New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data is it? Dashboard in Spanish refers to a control panel. It is a digital tool that allows you to organize and visualize data graphically. Key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and any quantitative data for the company or a specific project are displayed here. It is of great value, because it helps to monitor the company’s short, medium or long-term strategies in a simple, organized and efficient way.

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Must have One of the main characteristics that an executive panel must have is to process information in real time.  Because it is the most effective way to take advantage of each data for correct decision making. There’s more! These are the main characteristics that make a dashboard a highly relevant. Tool for companies aiming for growth. Advanced filter customization and configuration This tool should Armenia Whatsapp Number List be customizable.  To adapt the data search and use advanced filter settings that analyze information from different parameters. Here, it is also relevant to have a notification system.  So that users receive an alert when important numbers in the KPIs are reached. They can even predefine according to the brand’s needs.  Integrated data environment.