Get to know what Interactive Longform is and the story from Kinaja

Infographics have become commonplace in our eyes as graphical visual representations of information, data or science. Infographics are widely used in the world of journalism and creatively to convey complex information briefly and clearly, of course making it easier for us to digest important information. However, it feels like the infographics that make this easy become increasingly boring and seem narrative. Most of us expect two-way communication to occur so that something is easier to digest and doesn’t feel boring. Finally we wonder, is there an alternative solution that is more interesting and doesn’t feel boring? Of course the answer is yes.

Kinaja itself as a creative house has worke

On it and wants to suggest brand owners use this format to convey data in attractive graphics and in a short time. We call this Interactive longform . An infographic with a more interactive format, of course. The longform banner function conveys information to make it easier to understand and provides UK WhatsApp Number List a direct experience of the information conveyed. Similar to articles and infographics, but there is a different experience presented by this format. Kinaja itself was asked to work on this project when working with a client from the pharmaceutical industry regarding one of its adult segmentation products. Starting from a client who needed a placement in one of the media. Since this product is specifically for adults, there is little difficulty in placing advertisements there.

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The client had an interesting request

To create a kind of infographic with a different format.  So that their product remains visible and safe from a regulatory perspective. A creative and solution attitude must be possessed by all elements in the creative industry. Therefore, Kinaja offers an interactive longform format as an answer to the client’s request. Apart from the fact that interactive longform is similar to articles and infographics.  The existing budget Israel Whatsapp Number List is sufficient for the needs of this longform. In this project, Kinaja combines several interactive questionnaires containing animations that correspond to product information and is broken down into several sections containing data, testimonials, clinical trials, games, myths or facts.