Interview with Valeria Rodríguez, leader of data center architecture

What we are doing at Ikusi is helping customers make the journey from traditional networks to software-defined networks” Valeria Rodríguez, data center architecture and operations leader at Ikusi in Medellín, is young. But, as they say, she is more than prepared. Her journey, as she calls it, began back in 2011 when she did her first internship, followed by her first contract at the telecommunications equipment company Italtel in 2011. Work that she combined with her engineering studies telecommunications. Today we talked with her about Ikusi’s strategy to develop the market in the Medellín region, mainly in its area of ​​​​specialty: data centers. As I said, you are a person with a long professional career for your age, which has developed especially in the area of ​​data centers. Effectively, that’s right.

After My Time at Italtel, I Started Working at Ibm

There I began specializing in data centers. Until that moment, the main data centers were in Bogotá and one in Medellín. However, there were clients and companies in Medellín that had their hosting and services in said data centers, and the strategy to provide a better service to these clients Vietnam Phone Number Data was to be able to take clients from the Medellín region regardless of the location of their services between these data centers mentioned. Ikusi has understood this premise perfectly and that is why we are working from Medellín for the organizations in the area. And in November 2022 a call came from Ikusi That’s how it went.

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At That Time I Was Working Interview with Valeria at Gbm

An IBM partner in Central America, where I continued working in the data center environment, initially as a specialist engineer in charge of the operation of the data centers in the region, and later as a regional architect providing design of data center solutions for the company’s clients. Óscar Gómez, Ikusi’s Operations Manager in Colombia, with whom I had worked at ITS Infocom, contacted me. He wanted to create Azerbaijan Phone Number a team with quality professionals in Medellín. It was tempting, but I was comfortable in my job. He needed a signal to take the step and, instead of one, two came. Ikusi had formed a small team with two people, whom he also happened to know. Mauricio Martínez, now Presales Manager at Ikusi, who was my teacher at Italtel, and Erica Triviño, a salesperson with whom I also met at Italtel.