Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Ads

If you want to understand better about Instagram Ads then you’ve come to the right place. Instagram is now one of the biggest social networks in the world. And one of the best places to advertise your brand online. Currently it is an advertising platform as important as Facebook. In , this social network reached the mark of 1 billion active users per month. Consolidating Instagram as one of the most popular social Everything You Need networks in the world. If that number alone isn’t enough to make you understand the importance of advertising your brand on Instagram, read on. In the next topic I will explain in more detail. The importance of advertising on Instagram Ads For you to understand a little better the weight that this social network has, I will present you with some relevant numbers. In addition to the fact that it has 1 billion monthly active users,

Advertising on this platform

This data was taken from a survey carried out by Opinion Box . This same survey showed that 83% of respondents follow a company or brand on the social network. And of these, 48% have already purchased a product/ infoproduct or hired a service that they found out about through Instagram. Other than that, there are some other data that calls attention. Of the respondents, 67% claimed to access the application Australia Mobile Number List several times during a single day. And for 2 out of 3 respondents, the frequency of use grew within 12 months. In addition, 47% of them foresee using this social network more and more. That is, if you still don’t use Instagram in your Digital Marketing and sales strategies, you are wasting time and a great opportunity to present your brand to the world. Understand, this is a social network different from the others.


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The platform’s algorithm places great

The main motivations of users to access the platform are: follow the lives of your friends and idols, know news get knowledge. All this through high resolution images. And through images you can advertise your brand. When should you use Instagram Ads? Due to its immense potential, numerous Fax List companies, small and large, began to invest heavily in their presence and paid traffic on Instagram. They found on this platform an ideal form of advertising to sell on the internet. Through less invasive maneuvers and focusing Everything You Need on the relationship with the public. Thus, through Instagram Ads, companies are able to increase the number of views in those boosted publications. Thus, the basis and strategy of marketing on Instagram is to promote elaborate images, with the purpose of emphasizing a certain product.

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