Breaking Down Complexity in Monitoring Multi-Cloud Environments in the Financial Sector

The financial sector has been agile in adopting multicloud environments. To boost operational efficiency and improve the experience of its customers. In fact, according to Dynatrace data , 99% of financial institutions have already implemented. Multi-cloud environments to ensure optimal performance of their applications and systems. A multi-cloud environment, also known as a multi-cloud environment.  Refers to an IT infrastructure that uses multiple cloud service providers to meet. Its needs for computing, storage, networking, and other cloud-related services. When a financial institution operates with a multi-cloud architecture, it means that, instead of relying exclusively on a single cloud service provider.  It combines private and public cloud services to efficiently manage different workloads.

While There Are Many Advantages

To using a multi-cloud architecture, there are also significant challenges. One of the main concerns is the difficulty in monitoring and managing infrastructures with resources distributed in multiple locations. On average, according to information collected by Dynatrace , financial Italy Phone Number Data institutions use 7 different solutions to monitor their multi-cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, 64% of financial leaders consider that this number of tools is too high and that using them affects the performance of the infrastructure. “ Multi-cloud architectures are critical for financial institutions to keep up with rising customer expectations by providing the agility needed to innovate faster and continually optimize services.

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Teams Are Struggling to Manage

These complex multi-cloud environments, requiring time that could be invested in driving digital transformation and delivering the high-quality experiences that customers want,” says José Matías, Director of Iberia at Dynatrace. The importance of having multicloud environments within the financial sector was also evidenced in the Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) report . According to this report, improving Cayman Islands Phone Number the speed of data access is the main reason for investing in this type of technology, followed by the desire to enhance security and meet regulatory requirements, as well as the interest in integrating new native features and services. the cloud (such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.